Field Report: "Strombergstrolch" runs and runs!

And also this year - now almost 71 years young - Rolf Sauer runs and runs and runs again. The picture at the Heilbronn Trollinger Marathon. He trained for it among other things with the middle distance run in the Kirbachtal (13.6 km) where he was the only participant with over 70 years of age. On October 18th then the Bottwartal Marathon. Here he was fourth in his age group with under 5h44!

In the words of Rolf Sauer or the "Strombergstrolch":

"Even and especially the marathon takes a lot of time to get there, especially at my age:

  • Time for a productive endurance training,
  • Time for necessary recovery phases in between,
  • Time for healthy nutrition and
  • Time for choosing the right running gear.

I have been finding the latter at Markus Dolch and his team for several years. I particularly appreciate the pleasant and competent advice."

Several times a year, Rolf Sauer comes to stock up on running shoes or customized DONI Insoles for his more than 2000 km a year.

We decided: So fit at that age - that must be our goal!!! Congratulations to Rolf Sauer!