Field Report: Dr. Behrmann from Renningen, Germany

Sport-DONI - just what I needed!

As a doctor, I feared after my accident that the late effects would significantly impair me both in my professional life and in my favorite leisure activity - sports. Even in rehab, it became apparent that simple walking, skiing and even biking were difficult - not to mention jogging. Then someone recommended Sport-DONI to me. As a medical professional, I was a bit skeptical, but after the first trial insole and much discussion, in which Mr. Dolch confirmed himself as an expert, I noticed the positive influence on my movement patterns and thus on my recovery and health. At the rehabilitation center, they even wondered about the rapid improvement.

Without further ado, I packed all my sports shoes and equipment into the car, made a (long) appointment at Sport-DONI and am now fully equipped and completely satisfied! I am jubilant that I now know Sport-DONI!