About us

Sport-DONI was founded more than 25 years ago by Markus DOLCH and Rainer NITSCHE as Sport- und Ski- workshop . In February of 1987, they started their business in the historic part of Sachsenheim, mainly with ski- and ski-boot-service.   Today, Sport-DONI is a one-stop-shop when it comes to sport-orthopedic insoles, Ski-boot-adaptation, sport clothing and equipment. The most important and product overarching strength of Sport-DONI is the practical expert knowledge that converts into first-rated advice and consultancy.

The tight connection of the employees with local, regional and even national sports teams opened a whole new area of activity for the Sport-DONI team: the support of sport events. Information sessions, fairs, sport club driven ski bazars, running/trekking events,... From professionals to recreational athletes, wherever they are, Sport-DONI tries with teaching exhibitions, explanations, and practical examples to demonstrate the tremendous health benefits and relief of an adequate support in shoes for walking, running, jumping etc.

Markus Dolch - since 1989 as sole owner of Sport-DONI - has further developed and refined the technology, materials and application of insoles and shoe customization. Through the techniques he developed for form construction of insoles with quality materials coming from the fields of medicine and aerospace , Markus Dolch has developed a unique status and excellent reputation. That is why not only athletes but even young and older non-athletes come with orthopedic problems to Sport-DONI - often recommended by orthopedic specialists and surgeons.

The individually adapted insoles help our customers to a better day at work, a nicer afternoon walking through nature, a better performance in their favored sport.

Do not hesitate – come in and feel what is possible!
A big Thank You  to all the unnamed helpers that shaped Sport-DONI to be the company it is today.

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