Sport-Specific Shoe Fitting

Pain in your shoes?! Not with us: with our optimized insoles nothing pains you in your sport shoe!

DONI's goal is to create an active system for your body: natural tension in your arches, your body-own cushioning and a healthier posture. He achieves this by forming the insoles to perfectly support your individual needs - whatever the activity and whatever the shoe. With this individualized "insole" your foot can again reactively build power and absorb and use any impacting forces. 

Shoes of today as well as the surfaces we are moving on, do no longer allow our feet to move as healthy and flexibly as in the past. That is why DONI measures your feet (static, dynamic, 3D, plus analysis of your gait, run and posture) and then manufactures dynamic "DONI-Insoles" specifically on your feet and for your sport. DONI-Insoles help your feet to regain their natural and healthy function by being liberated from the forced passivity. 

Your advantages:

  • long-term comfort
  • less foot and muscle fatigue
  • increased shock absorption
  • improved motion control
  • reduced risk of sports injuries
  • faster recovery of the foot and leg muscles (after training or competition)
  • Ideal insole solution for hallux, heel spurs and diabetics (extremely comfortable and relieving)