Ski/Telemark/Backcountry Touring/Snowboard boot adjustment

You do need a new winter sport boot? You have problems with the fit of your boots?

If you need a new ski boot, we are glad to advise you to find the most suitable one - we have many of the best brands in stock. Do you already have a boot, but it does not fit properly or you want a better stand position for optimized power transmission onto the ski? Then we can help you with a customized insole or even a foam liner. We measure and evaluate your stand and your shoes by laser to ensure the best and healthiest position. After that, we form the outer ski boot shell to your own foot shape. Following we customize your inner boot (foam liner) and complete the adaptation with matching personalized and supportive insoles for normal or even problematic feet.


The goal is to achieve your satisfaction: The handmade adjustment is supposed to increase - or bring back - your enjoyment of skiing/boarding. In a few cases, a foot changes dramatically from the resting state to the strain during skiing/boarding in different heights (or through changes in body weight or increased age). In those situations, rework might be needed to improve the fit for those moments of performance - which we are happy to perform for a small fee.

Please arrange for an appointment with us so we have the necessary time for you! And if you have your own skis, please bring them too, as we can then adjust your bindings to fit the new boots.