Inlineskates and sales/service

Markus Dolch

Skaten is an active sport bringing lots of pressure to legs and feet. Hence it is critical, that the skates fit!  We adapt the skates to your feet and needs and produce individual insoles for optimized fit and transfer of power to the skates and ultimately the street. Achieve more miles (or kilometers) with the same effort!

  • Rotating the roles (Radius)
  • Cleaning the rim and bearing bed
  • Cleaning of the rail
  • Fitting / removal of the rolls
  • Individually adapting the rail to the shoe (including trail drive)
  • Renewing, changing, repairing Boa closure systems

Our current prices

Service Costs per pair
Changing roles and cleaning of the rail from 15 euro
Cleaning of the bearing bed incl. removal/refitting from 15 euro
Grinding and overwinding of the roll radius incl. removal/refitting from 10 euro