Strombergstrolch - runs and runs and runs

And this year again - with nearly 71 years of Age! -  he still runs race after race and Marathon after Marathon! The Picture from the Heilbronn Trollinger Marathon in May 2015. He prepared for the Marathon by running the shorter race in Kirbachtal (13.6 km) as the only participant over 70. On October 18th, he crossed the finish line of the Marathon in the Bottwartal after only 5:43:53 and hence even better than the cmparative run last year!  

Rolf Sauer - the Strombergstrolch - comments: "The journey is the goal! Especially when trainig for marathons. The journey to be able to participate needs time - especially if you are my age. Time for significant endurance training and as well for the recovery between the runs and races. Critical is the right gear such as shoes and insoles. Since a few years I get everything I need for my runs at Sport DONI. Markus Dolch is a very competent and approachable advisor."

Several times a year, Mr. Sauer comes to us to get his new shoes and individual insoles to be equiped for his more than 1300 miles of running a year!

We congratulate Rolf Sauer and hope that we all be so fit with over 70!

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