Field report: Mr. Nolte from Stuttgart

Everybody enjoys the moment when work and effort are recognized with a compliment and positive feedback. We often receive praise in person or on the phone, but more seldom is the case of somebody actually sitting down and writing an e-mail. Mr. Nolte from Stuttgart did this - so: thank you Klaus Nolte:  (as the e-mail was originally in German, here just a translation. See the German site for the original)

Dear Colleagues,
A few weeks ago I had a boot custimized at your shop. Now it more than passed the test in a week of skiing in the „4 Vallées“ in the Wallis.
A feeling, both in the boot and as well skiing, that I have never known before - and the "getting-used-to-phase" was very short. 
Conclusion: „Never again something else!“
Thanks and Greetings,
Klaus Nolte

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