Field report: Dr. Behrmann from Renningen

As a physician, I was afraid that the after-effects of my accident would significantly impact me in both - my professional life as well as my favorite pastime - sports. Already in rehab I realized that simple walking and cycling were difficult - not to mention skiing or jogging.

Then someone recommended Sport-DONI. As a doctor myself, I was skeptical. In our long discussions, Mr. Dolch proved himself to be an expert and I went ahead with a first sample insole. Quickly I realized the positive impact on my movements and thus on my recovery and health. Even in the rehab center they commented on my rapid improvement.

Unceremoniously, I grabbed all sports shoes and equipment, made a (long) appointment with Sport-DONI and am now fully equipped and completely satisfied! I 'm glad that I now know about Sport-DONI !


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