DONI Takes On Distribution For Intuition In Germany-Austria-Switzerland !

Cold, sore feet should not be a part of winter sports!  Packed out liners are a pain! Those were the starting points for DONI to customize ski boots. Hence the collaboration with Intuition since June 2017 makes a lot of sense.

Intuition identified that same problem 20 years ago and hence figured out a solution: today they make hundreds of thousands of warm, comfortable, high performance boot liners for replacement, and for high-end models of the world’s greatest brands. They also are the #1 provider of replacement liners for the millions who love their boots and hate their liners.

Intuition liners are used by some of the best athletes in the world, including extreme big mountain skiers, national ski/snowboard team members, professional instructors and backcountry tour guides, and high altitude mountaineers, and thousands of ski patrollers. These people virtually live in their boots all day, every day, and demand the best performance and comfort possible from their equipment.

Professionals and ski-enthusiasts need their boot liners to last longer and be more durable than the stock boot liners provided with their boots, so the only solution is Intuition Liners.

How that works?
Intuition produces “blended compound” closed cell foams in a variety of densities from low to high, sourcing only quality raw materials. Development of these “blended compounds” have been formulated to enable us to maximize the best physical properties of each raw material and produce supreme foams of improved elasticity, resilience, temper and toughness. All Intuition foams are produced to closed-cell foam specifications including tensile strength and elongation at break and tear strength. The very high ratio of cross-linking in Intuition Foam’s unique molecular structure (70-80%) produces it’s unparalleled quality.

Special Qualities:

  • Durable
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Heat Moldable (Thermo-formable)
  • Exellent memory
  • Low shrinkage when heated, shaped and cooled
  • Re-moldable
  • High bond strength
  • Non-toxic
  • Does not absorb water

Besides that we use Intuition liners in our own work of Skiboot customization, we can of course form them into your existing  boot (if your shell is fitting you and not is too old) or you can order them from us for your "home fitting" (then of course without any guarantee from our side that you will have a fitting boot).


P.S.: We do not stock to whole portfolio of Intuition, but the snow sport liners that are relevant for the shells and boots used in Europe.