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DONI - Your specialist for optimized and natural support in your sport shoe, work boot or in your everyday shoe.

Observe how we convert the basic shoe from the shelf to become YOUR individual shoe-by-measure.

We are known speciaist vom the dynamic running shoe all the way to the more static work or ski boot.

Be convinced by better results,...

Topic of the month: The new Tecnica!

After the summer heat and before the snow is settling in: go hiking! Best with the newest development for hiking boots from TECNICA. Fully adaptable to your feet! Have a look!

Topic Of The Month

So,.. winter is here and you want to go skiing.  Carefully you step into your boots,.. and they don't fit.  They are too tight. Or,.. they are already too big without having even had a day of skiing in them yet.  What to do?

There are many ways to address your issues at DONI!

One of them (see pictures) is also to adapt your boot and liner per vacuum to your feet!


BTW, the technology that DONI developed here is not just usable for Skiboots, but for all other kind of sport boots - from touring boots to inline to running shoes!


Topic of the month



You need ski boots that do not hurt you?

So you went the first time skiing this year and - boy - did that hurt! Your boots were just so uncomfortable, you barely made it through the day.... too bad. BUT! Right,... there is something you can do.  

Have a look   here   or read our posting to the right about the 10 steps to the perfect ski boot. And yes, t works too for you boarder out there,.. i!