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Topic Of The Month

Foot Print In The Sand

Summer vacation. Long walks at the beach. Sand between your toes. Relaxed legs. That was great – like a massage! You can have that feeling also without sand and without massage. How?

With individually adapted insoles. A special material from New Zealand is open-celled polyurethane foam and is hygienic, dimensionally stable and as pleasant as wet sand (wet sand that is not sticking to your toes though!). You walk in these insoles as supported as if you walked on the sand, creating your own foot print.

Every-Day Insole

In a special deep-draw process, your imprints of both feet are created in a kind of sand-bed.  It is as if you are standing at the beach and the water recedes around your feet and you sink in. This sand bed then serves as the basic form in which your insole is formed. This insole you can then wear in all shoes that fit your feet (besides shoes with heels). Here a picture of mine after 4 years!

Oh, you are less interested in every-day support and more in superior performance in your active parts of your life? In your sports activities?,…

Dynamic Insole Based On Your Foot Print

Das erreichen wir dann mit einem ähnlichen Tiefziehverfahren, indem Ihre drei Standpunkte ermittelt werden. Je nach

We can do that with a similar draw-deep technology, in which we identify your optimal 3 points to stand on. Depending on activity, need and body conditions different raw materials are chosen, prepared and melted into combination and then formed into your individual form base don the sand form. Important here is that this dynamic and supportive insole is neither heavier nor thicker than the original insole from the shoe provider and hence does not disturb or even destroy the functionality of the shoe.

Here also a picture of mine after 1.5 years of use.

For the Every-Day insole we need approx.. 1 hour, for the dynamic DONI-Insole 2.5 hours.