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Perfect TLC for your skis - DIY !!!!

The winter is here and the first runs took their toll on the skis. Time to give them some TLC. Our practical “Take-with-you” ski treatment sets are exactly what you need!


In our Box you will find 10 items for €124,95:

  1. TOKO T8 Wax Iron 230 V / 800 Watt / from 100°C to 160°C
  2. TOKO Edge Tuner 85°/86°/87°/88°/89°/90° / to eliminate impact points and remove hardened edges
  3. TOKO Hotwax All in One – for all types of snow and temperatures / 120 gr
  4. TOKO Graphite Repair Candle / 4 pieces with 6mm diameter
  5. TOKO Nylon brush for the wax coating – brush after waxing to improve the glide effect
  6. TOKO Plexi blade – to scrape off superfluous wax
  7. Edge Trick – A small pocket-size tool with an Alu-Oxyd stone to re-do edges even on the runs. Perfect to eliminate the grout. Angle flexible 1-5°
  8. DONI-Skiclips
  9. TOKO User guide
  10. Box


You do not want a box but would like to keep the wax in the ski-boot bag? Our practical hanging bag (Length: 11cm, Height: 9cm, opened: 17cm) can hang anywhere to be ready to go.

For €144,95 the bag includes: items 1-9 as above, (and of course the bag instead of the box) and in addition one bottle of express liquid wax.





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You need ski boots that do not hurt you?

So you went the first time skiing this year and - boy - did that hurt! Your boots were just so uncomfortable, you barely made it through the day.... too bad. BUT! Right,... there is something you can do.  

Have a look   here   or read our posting to the right about the 10 steps to the perfect ski boot. And yes, t works too for you boarder out there,.. i!